Wednesday, December 9, 2009

America blocking our future

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India has taken the lead on the biggest issue of our times. As world leaders meet in Copenhagen to dicuss climate change - an isue that threatens all the world with inceased floods and droughts - we have shown the developed world that we want to be leaders when it comes to tackling this problem.

The US and other developed countries did the most to cause this problem, but have not played their part yet in coming up with a solution. We want them to commit to cutting their Greenhouse Gas emmissions before it's too late. It is time we get them to take action.

Today, I emailed the US Embassy and told them that we need America to do more. The US has to take responsibility and take up sharp targets for emission reduction.

Please join me in taking action for the future of our planet. Write directly to the US Embassy and tell them to follow India's example.

Want to do more?

If you would like to learn how to take direct action then you should register for the climate camp in Delhi.

If you cannot make it to Delhi then volunteer from your city to learn more about what you could do.

thank you

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