Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Why Nestle makes me sick

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Nestle food products (including baby food) are fairly popular in India, but I just found out something about their policy for the products they sell in India, and it's shocking.

Nestle has actually admitted it would use genetically-contaminated products in the food it sells in this country.

But what's more shocking is that this is the same Nestle that dare not sell genetically-tainted food in EU, Russia or Brazil.

Are Indian people less human? Are we guinea pigs and lab rats? Are we less deserving of safe food than citizens of other countries?

This has got to change, and it has to change now! That's just why I've told Nestle Chairman Antonio Waszyk to come clean on the products his company sells in my country.

Just click here to join me in demanding safe, GM- Free food from Nestle. And thanks for your support!

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