Friday, May 2, 2008

Aparajito ( 1957 ) - Satyajit Ray Rapidshare DVDRip

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Anirban said...

Download :

Hirak Rajar Deshe

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Gautam said...

Sadgati - Rare Doordarshan Movie by Satyajit Ray:

Greg Cameron said...

Anyone claiming an appreciation of world cinema must come to the work of Satyajit Ray sooner or later. "Aparajito" is a funny,sad, and achingly beautiful depiction of the struggle of a young Indian boy, Apu, to better his lot in life. Every single frame of this film is a work of art. Ray has the surest cinematic eye since Jean Renoir and that's not puffery. The evidence is in every frame of this film. Satyajit Ray's sense of humanity is in full flower here as he overwhelms the viewer with the humour, the wonder, the sadness and the gnawing ache of life. Satyajit Ray should be celebrated as a natural treasure in India. His work is of its time and place and yet for all time. See this film and enrich your own sense of humanity...Greg Cameron, Surrey, B.C., Canada